Price Guarantee/Disclaimer
Our Low-Price Guarantee

TravelFrom.com is well-known for finding the lowest prices and developing personalized travel packages. Others have occasional specials, but nobody works as hard as the TravelFrom.com agents to develop the lowest cost, best value travel packages. And we now guarantee that TravelFrom.com will find you the best-priced package! Our Low Price Guarantee includes:

  • You provide TravelFrom.com with an advertisement for a travel package that can be verified by a TravelFrom.com representative, and we will develop the same or an equivalent package to the same destination within 48 hours of receiving the advertisement from you
  • -- or --
  • TravelFrom.com will give you $50.00 cash! (see restrictions below for full details)

Details of Guarantee:

  • Advertisement for travel presented to TravelFrom.com must be verifiable by a TravelFrom.com agent and available to the general public. Special promotions to members of an organization or special card-holder do not apply. If the travel advertisement cannot be verified by an agent as a legitimate travel package offering, this guarantee does not apply.
  • Guarantee is available on complete travel packages only, which would include air, train or ship transportation, automobile rental or transfers, and hotel or resort bookings. Guarantee does not apply to any subset of a complete package.
  • Guarantee is valid only if the traveler is available to discuss travel arrangements with a TravelFrom.com agent. The TravelFrom.com agents work very closely with our customers to identify requirements and special needs of the traveler and their party, and therefore discussion is necessary, either by telephone or email.
  • Advertised travel packages must be available for booking by TravelFrom.com agents. Travel companies occasionally put a "hold" on blocks of airline seats, hotel rooms, ship cabins, etc., thus rendering them unavailable to other travel agents. TravelFrom.com must have access to, and the ability to book, the package components for the same or similar package to the same destination or this guarantee does not apply.
  • An Equivalent Package includes transportation on the same type of carrier (airline, cruise ship, etc) at an equal or greater level (ie: tourist, business, first class) or equivalent room accommodations based on Frommer's hotel rating (ie: four- or five-star hotel) at the same destination. The traveler's hotel or resort preferences will always be given first priority, however, when that hotel or resort is fully booked, a hotel or resort of equivalent rating will be recommended. If the traveler refuses equivalent transportation or room accommodations, this guarantee does not apply.
  • The traveler is required to provide a copy of the advertisement within 12 hours of travel request for verification by TravelFrom.com agents. Failure to provide a copy of the advertised travel package by the traveler within 12 hours of initial request for travel renders the guarantee null and void.
  • Black out dates, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holiday periods apply for most locations.
  • Cancellation fees apply if a travel package is booked through TravelFrom.com and the traveler chooses to cancel. Cancellation fees are based upon the cancellation policies of the vendors involved (airlines, hotels, etc), and a transaction fee by TravelFrom.com. To mitigate potential losses from cancellation, TravelFrom.com recommends that the traveler purchase travel insurance through their TravelFrom.com agent.
  • If TravelFrom.com cannot meet or beat an advertised package within the restrictions above, and the traveler books the package through the advertising source, the traveler must submit a formal request, within three days of return, for the $50.00 from the agent. A Formal request includes the TravelFrom.com Guarantee Travel Disbursement Form (provided by the TravelFrom.com), proof of booking, and proof of travel. The request must be sent to TravelFrom.com at the address provided on the form. TravelFrom.com will disburse travel money in the form of a check within 30 days of receipt of the completed form. Failure to properly complete the form and submit it to TravelFrom.com renders this guarantee null and void.
  • This guarantee is not applicable where prohibited by law.

Basic Chronology:

  • Traveler submits a request for a package to TravelFrom.com
  • Within 12 hours, traveler submits a competitor's ad
  • TravelFrom.com has 48 hours to verify the ad and meet or beat the price within the restrictions outlined above
  • If TravelFrom.com cannot meet or beat the advertised price, the traveler must book, and partake in, the advertised package
  • Within 3 days of return, traveler must submit all items in Number 9 above.
  • TravelFrom.com has 30 days to send $50.00 to the traveler


Price And Data Disclaimer

The staff at TravelFrom.com does everything it can to ensure that all of our data is current and accurate. We receive most of our data from some of the largest travel suppliers in the United States. However, there is no standard in the travel industry that defines how our data is received. As a result, the process of updating our database is largely manual, so human error may, from to time, produce some inaccuracies.

Should you have any questions, your agent can verify the prices and details of any vacation that is presented on our web site. If something is indeed found to be in error, a perfect alternative will almost always be available, and we'll work with you to make it happen. After all, our goal is to be your first and only choice for all of your travel needs.


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