Welcome to Isla Mujeres!

Where your dream vacation becomes a reality!

Featured on MSNBC in "The 5 Best Islands To Live On," Isla Mujeres is the place to go!

Leave your watch at home, because time stops on this sleepy little island... Transportation? Golf carts and modeps, and the mopeds are too fast! And although the island is indeed very small, it has enough to offer that even a drive-by of all points of interest can take a full day. Of course, the speed of the golf carts plays a role here, but can you imagine a more relaxing day?

And if you don't wish to venture out, fear not-- there are enough restaurants of varying quisines and cultures to satisfy even the most diverse tastes in food, and enough shops to fill just about any size souvenier bag.

And on top of all that, for those who wish to partake, believe it or not, this tiny little island even has its own nightlife...


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