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One of Mexico's Best-Kept Secrets, Isla Holbox is a small island 7 miles out in the Gulf Of Mexico, just off the Northern Coast of the Yucatan, 45 air miles NW of Cancun. Founded over 150 years ago by pirates, descendants of the original seven families still live there.

Isla Holbox is probably what Isla Mujeres was like 30 years ago. It's a place still unspoiled by mass tourism. Picturesque and low-key with a population around 1800, lots of the friendly locals still make their living from fishing. You will dine well on fresh fish! The town plaza is charming yet rustic Mexico, with stores, an internet place, dive shops, etc. Lodging is mostly Palapa-style casual - no high-rise Cancunesque hotels. There are very few cars on the island and the main transport in the village is an electric golf-cart. Fun! The harbor is small and you can pull your boat up on the white-sand beach. Kite-boarding is also popular because there is often a breeze.

There is no ATM, no post office and no cell phone coverage. There's an occasional whiff of seaweed and some mosquitoes at dusk. But who cares? On this remote island, one can see flamingoes, dolphins, manta ray and other birds and fish. Locals organize excursions to swim with WHALE SHARKS during the summer. Whale sharks are not aggressive - they are filter feeders that sieve enormous amounts of plankton through their gills - similar to the baleen plates of many whales. It's a very nice experience and you don't need to be an expert at anything to enjoy it!

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Currently, we can book the following hotels:
Casa Las Tortugas
Villas Chimay
Villas Delfines
Xaloc Resort

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